Covid-19 symposium


Adventistsamfundets region där Finland ingår (TED) arrangerar ett livesymposium om pandemisituationen.  Symposiet sker på engelska.

Onsdag 19 januari 16:00 – 19:30 (finsk tid)


The Symposium will be taking place on Wednesday 19 January from 14.00-17.30 GMT (London time) and will be aired via the TED YouTube channel.

Please find below a direct link to the Live event on YouTube for your reference:

(For those who already follow the TED YouTube channel, – please note that you will automatically receive notification when the event goes Online.)

This event can also be accessed through the TED channel at:

Should you or others have any related questions that you would like answered (anonymously) during the Q&A session, do please forward them on to Emma Stickland ( by the 14th January.

This event is available to all, so please do share the poster and information in your spheres of influence.

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